January 1, 2015

It's that time - Resolutions

I want to keep it simple this year.

I want to be held accountable, so I'm putting it out to the universe :) Or at least to those of you that read my blog (thank you!)

1. Become a part of the community - For work and personally. We are already lucky enough to have friends who are introducing us to their friends. My friends are awesome, neighbors amazing, I want o give back and find a circle of amazing people surrounding my little family.

2. Enjoy my kids - They are only young for a little while. There smiles will only be mine for so long. I only get to tuck them in, kiss their boo boos, cuddle with them, carry them upstairs for a short breath of time. They are my heart, for now I keep them close, for one day they will take my heart away.

3. Be healthy - Starting with agreeing to walk/run 2015 miles in 2015 (in a group of three), so really only 672 :) Eating better, for me, for the kids, for my husband. Getting back in shape and running again! Yay treadmill...

4. Make a home - We have a beautiful historic house, but it is not yet our home. I just picked up a book on the Japanese art of decluttering...wish me luck! Rugs, decorations, paint, those touches that make it feel like home.

Wish me luck!

December 24, 2014

Four months old

The little guy is four months old today. Time has literally flown by.

I'm not sure how we got to four months. It's been too busy. I didn't have the hours sitting on the couch relaxing with this one.

The second child is not the same, there is the first one to worry about. Life is just busier, faster, fuller.

For the first few weeks of Baby D's life, things were chaotic. We moved, lived out of boxes, installed appliances, painted, Mr. A started a new school, we had family visiting, our dog came back...it was just non-stop. And so I didn't have the time to slowly take in my son's face, his smell, his sweetness.

Then one day, I sat on the couch (we finally got one!), and I stared at his beautiful face, and my heart burst. Don't get me wrong, I've loved him from day one, but I didn't realize quite how much until I took that deep breath and smiled. He smiled back. I love this boy.

He is the sweetest baby. Smiles for mommy, for daddy, for his big brother. He loves to stand, loves raspberries and tickles. He's rolling over and making silly noises. He lights up my life.

Things are a little different with the second. With Mr. A I wanted everything to go fast, to get to the new clothes, to sit up, take his first step, get his first tooth. With this guy, my last, I want everything to go slow. Everything is the last time, I want to savor it. He's going to wear those 3 month pajamas until he's bursting out.

I can't even describe how lucky I am to have this little guy in my life. He makes my family complete. I am so thankful he entered my life this year.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

December 19, 2014

Annie ~ It's here! ~ Giveaway!

Do you remember Annie? Little orphan Annie? I loved singing Annie :)

Now? A new version is out! I'm very excited!

In case you don't know the story...Annie is a young, happy foster kid who's also tough enough to make her way on the streets of New York in 2014. Originally left by her parents as a baby with the promise that they'd be back for her someday, it's been a hard knock life ever since with her mean foster mom Miss Hannigan. But everything's about to change when the hard-nosed tycoon and New York mayoral candidate Will Stacks makes a thinly-veiled campaign move and takes her in.

Are you excited to see it? It's the time of year to spend with family - enjoy a family movie :) Check out the trailer below and check the website for more info http://www.annie-movie.com/site/

Enter the giveaway here. Open to all US Citizens 18+. Prize is an Annie activity Pack.  Kids shirt, activity book, sticker sheet and Scholastic poster.


I received the same prize pack in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own


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