July 29, 2014

A New England Ship Weekend

One might say that we are new around here :)

Three weeks ago we moved from CA to MA - more on that journey later - so we are still getting our bearings! Weekends are full of exploration (and house hunting).

Little did we understand the danger of Cape Cod on a summer weekend.

Having just taken a job in the Whaling City ~ I had the poor luck of arriving the day after the last remaining whaling Ship, the Charles W. Morgan, left town on her 38th voyage. Lucky for me, she was visiting Buzzard's Bay this past weekend. So we went to see her...an amazing ship!

Then we decided to go further into the Cape...bad, bad idea. Seeing the traffic trying to leave...we took our last "out" and ended up in Plymouth! So A got to see Plymouth Rock and a reproduction of the Mayflower! Who knew? So it was a maritime weekend :)

I wonder what's in store for us next weekend?!

July 28, 2014

Chapter Books - the new adventure!

I hadn't even thought of reading Mr. A chapter books. Last week someone I know mentioned that they started reading their child chapter books at 3.5, so of course, I had to go get one for A :) He is, of course, newly 3.5 (on a side note, how on earth do they grow up so fast???)

I have to admit - chapter books have been more of a success on his end than mine. He LOVES them. Though he has no concept of what a chapter means - he tells me he needs to read three every night. Then he sits in bed for 10 minutes and continues to read the book to himself. Then he falls asleep, book in arm. It melts my heart.

I think I need some better suggestions though - we have started with Captain Underpants...but it is boring me a bit - any suggestions for first chapter books?

July 24, 2014

How did it get to be 36 weeks?

Today, I am 36 weeks pregnant!

We've made it to our new state, I started my new job, we drove cross country! We are in the process of buying a house...

So now I can finally pay attention to the fact that I am having in a baby in about a month! How is that possible???

Some of my favorite pregnancy photos :)

My last race - 18 weeks~

Hawaii Vacation ~ 28 weeks

My absolute favorite - pregnant caving!

Yesterday ~ 36 weeks!


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