March 2, 2013

Act Locally, Influence Globally #pcweek2013

Sometimes I forget that I spent two years of my life volunteering. That Peace Corps was considered serving others. I gained so much from the experience, sometimes I feel like I gained more than I gave. I know that I tried to work with the community to work on positive change - but I often feel like I was changed more than them...

I am also starting to feel a bit guilty, as I have not volunteered in quite some time. I figure two straight years built me up a bank of good will - but it's long since run out :). I am a part of the Global Team of 200, a highly specialized group of Mom Bloggers for Social Good members who focus on maternal health, children, hunger, and women and girls. As such, I bring attention on my blog to important issues. However, I'm starting to feel the need to give more of my time, and to set a good example for my son.

Last year, I donated money to local organizations every month. I acted locally in order to support a better global community. This year, I plan to do the same, but with my time.

I pledge to donate 52 hours this year. Just one hour a week.

If I can do it - a working mom with a 2 year old - you can do it too :) Any ideas on where to start? Good place to volunteer with kids? Great programs to support?


  1. Volunteering is such a rewarding thing! I usually volunteer at my kids school several hours a week when I can. Thanks for the reminder to get out and help!

  2. I used to volunteer all the time and feel guilty now as well. =( I need to try and find the time.

    1. I didn't mean to make you feel guilty! Just motivated :)

  3. I do not volunteer with an organization, but I clip coupons every week and stock up on items to donate. It is still time consuming, but I can do it at home and with my kids. I love having them donate the items with me so they can feel like they are helping as well. It is small, but all I can do at the moment and every little bit helps.

  4. That is awesome that you want to donate {and have donated} your time to help others!


  5. The funny thing about service is it often leaves the person who served more blessed than the person being served. It's very rewarding to serve. It's an important part of our lives.



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